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Welcome to Flumenborg, the city that never sleeps… mainly because people are afraid that you’ll rob them blind while they do!

“Break, Enter, Repeat” thrusts you into the exciting world of burglaries, set against the frosty backdrop of the Cold War era. You are the architect of your own destiny, plotting burglaries from cozy homes to fortified government agencies, and from jewelry stores to museums, all while navigating the murky waters of espionage and intrigue.

🏠 Plan the perfect heist: Strategize your way from humble suburban homes to high-profile targets. Every decision matters as you climb the criminal ladder in a city brimming with both wealth and risk.

🕵️‍♂️ Cold War undertones: Get entangled in the web of espionage as government agencies seek your particular set of skills. Steal classified documents, engage in industrial espionage, and make allies (or enemies) in the shadowy world of covert operations.

👥 Recruit your crew: Recruit a diverse team of specialists from the smoky corners of the friendly neighbourhood pub. Each member brings unique skills: lockpicking, disguise, electronics, demolition, stealth, and more.

💎 Fence your goods: Offload your ill-gotten gains at art collectors, shady stores, or high-end delicatessen stores. But beware, the market is savvy, and your rewards will depend on your character’s skills. The same artifact might be a gem to one, but a trinket to another. It’s not just about stealing; it’s about stealing smart.

🎓 Skill progression: Evolve your character’s skills through hands-on experience. The more you pick locks, sweet-talk guards, or fence stolen items, the better you become. Your success depends on your expertise! Stealth, agility, strength, electronics, driving, first aid, disguise, persuasion (for those ‘this isn’t what it looks like’ situations), demolition, lockpicking, appraisal (to avoid selling a Picasso for the price of a pizza), and negotiation. All these skills are at your disposal, just waiting to be honed to perfection.

📉 Risks and reward: Face the consequences of your actions, be it a stint in prison or a hospital stay. Manage your time wisely; the clock never ceases to tick. Will you retire to a life of luxury, or will you spend the rest of your days behind bars?

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