New Color Atlas Generator
We are excited to announce the release of our Color Atlas Generator, an open-source tool for creating atlases to texture 3D models with flat colors.
Unveiling MoMuLab!
Discover MoMuLab, a new extraordinary exhibition that immerses visitors in the captivating world of marine archaeology.
Spilprisen Nomination
Power to the People has been nominated for the Spilprisen awards in the "Best Game Design" category.
Interactive Experience at Økolariet
We've partnered with the Økolariet knowledge and experience center in Vejle to create an educational game that teaches children and adults about how the sewage system works.
Music to the People!
The composer behind the electrifying soundtrack of "Power to the People" has just dropped a video on YouTube featuring 3 hours of the game's music!
Power to the People v1.3.1 is now out!
The new v1.3.1 update has arrived, with a new substation upgrade option and a couple of bug fixes!
Power to the People v1.3 update now out!
The new v1.3 update has arrived, including a brand new level and power plant type!
Massive discounts on Steam!
We are happy to announce that our games Automachef and Power to the People are now on sale on Steam!
Power to the Builders bundle
Did you know that you can now get a bundle including our game "Power to the People" and the brilliant game "House Builder" (by FreeMind and PlayWay) with a juicy discount on Steam?
Automachef on sale: 80% OFF!
Our game "Automachef" is currently on sale on Steam, with an incredible 80% discount! This special promotion will last until November 7th.
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