Here you can learn more about MoMuLab, an exciting project resulting from a collaboration between Rhombico Games, Raybender and the prestigious Moesgaard Museum in Denmark. It is an interactive educational project that transports kids into the world of marine archaeology.

MoMuLab invites young explorers to embark on an extraordinary journey as they step into the role of a marine archaeologist’s assistant. In this immersive Unity-powered game, children will unearth artifacts from the stone age, discover the secrets they hold, and gain an understanding of the archaeologist’s workflow. They’ll engage in the meticulous process of scanning the sea bottom, documenting their finds, and carefully separating and analyzing elements.

Moesgaard Museum’s experts’ knowledge combined with Rhombico Games’ commitment to creating unique and high-quality games ensures that MoMuLab offers a unique learning experience. We hope that this game will spark curiosity and nurture a love for history in many children (and adults!).

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