Power to the People v1.3 update now out!

Yesssss! After weeks and weeks of hard work, the new v1.3 update for Power to the People is now live! This new version includes a brand new level set in Hilo, Hawaii, USA, and the new Geothermal Power Plant, which provides plenty of inexpensive power, but can only be placed in some specific areas.

Furthermore, we have also been working on usability improvements, bug fixes and performance tweaks. Are you ready to face the new challenges in order to bring power to the people and keep the lights on? Here is the full change log:

  • A brand new level set in the “big island” of Hawaii, called Hilo! Can you keep the lights on in the Gemini North Observatory as well as in the little coastal towns? Luckily, you have geothermal sources in the island, which will provide you with plenty of inexpensive energy.
  • New geothermal power plant, only available in selected areas of the Hilo level.
  • New feature to place multiple buildings (such as power plants or energy storages) without having to go into the “buy menu” again and again, by pressing the CTRL key.
  • Players are now warned if they have selected automatic turn on/off times that would conflict with the power plant’s ramp-up/ramp-down times. For example, now you get a warning if you ask a nuclear plant to turn off at 3:00 and on again at 5:00, which wouldn’t be possible.
  • Players can now see the average electricity generation cost for all of their power plant types in the “end of day report”, by hovering over the “generation costs” tooltip.
  • Energy storage facilities now display at what power they are charging in their tooltip.
  • Small performance improvements to avoid the game slowing down when trying to build long power lines towards an unreachable destination.
  • Fixed bug that caused NIMBY ratings to not get recalculated properly after unlocking a NIMBY-reducing tech in the research tree. Changes used to only take effect after upgrading the power plant in question or restarting the game. Now they take effect immediately.

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