Color Texture Atlas Generator

[?] Width of the texture atlas in pixels.
[?] Height of the texture atlas in pixels.
[?] Number of different hues that will be used for the atlas.
[?] Offset all hues by this amount of degrees.
[?] Number of different luminance values that will be used for the atlas.
[?] Comma-separated list of saturation % to use for colors of this atlas. A whole new column (with hues as sub-columns) will be created for each one.
[?] If checked, hues will not be evenly spaced. Space will be taken away from green tones and given to yellow and blue tones, which usually provides, from a human perception point of view, greater variety of colors in the atlas.
[?] If checked, a column with grayscale shades from black to white will be added as a first column.
[?] Leave a couple of free pixels between cells to separate colors.
[?] What to do if the texture's width or height are not divisible by the resulting number of columns (hue steps × number of saturation levels) or rows (luminance steps).